Reed Science Center Video Portal
(Assets and styleguide) 

Role/Contributions: Lead Designer, Production Designer
Tools & Technology: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Date (Year): 2016

The “Reed Science Center” has undertaken to develop a video learning portal for its hands-on, all-ages interactive science center. 

The “Reed Science Center” reaches a potential audience of 1.1 million visitors to both its physical and virtual locations. More than 170,000 of these visitors continued to interact with the museum through online programs and touring exhibits. As many as 10,000 children are engaged with by the museum’s classroom visits and special exhibitions. The potential to increase this continued contact and to expand the museum’s mission to educate, inform and enthuse is tremendous.

(Please note: This project is based on, but not identical to, work which is currently protected by NDA. The client name, all screens and elements have been altered)

The video learning portal is designed specifically to be viewed on tablets and handheld devices. Additionally, it must be able to take advantage of broadcast to significantly larger displays (TV, laptop or desktop systems, projected screens, etc) for both home and classroom viewing. The assets and guidelines for the project may also be made available to other Science Center apps and online destinations yet to be developed, so a consistent design voice is essential.


Assets and Styleguide